The Power Engineers’ Training and Research Centre (PETARC) at Moolamattom is a full fledged training centre of KSEB Limited, established in 1989. This is a training-cum-research centre catering to the needs of KSEB Limited by equipping its engineers with the latest technological requirements in the power sector as well as imparting comprehensive training to develop appropriate management skill. Long Term Statutory Training, Induction Level Training, Orientation Training, Various Refresher Trainings, Management Training etc. are being conducted here.


Sri.B.Pradeep, Deputy Chief Engineer, PETARC

      The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has approved this training centre as Category I among its All India Training Centers. The CEA has also given recognition to PETARC to train and certify Engineers to operate and maintain generating stations and substations as per the statutory requirements .In addition to this long term training, PETARC is also conducting various short term training programs. It also prepares syllabi and designs course materials in co-ordination with HRD cell.