PETARC has got two air conditioned lecture halls one having capacity for 40 participants and another having capacity for 30 participants (total capacity 70 Nos). One computer lab is also available with 25 Nos computer systems. The computers at PETARC office are networked through LAN. Internet through Wi-Fi is also available.

Hostel (Phone No.04862-252798)

The institute has a Hostel with capacity to accommodate 52 trainees. In addition to that 18 trainees can be accommodated in the Circuit House Annex Moolamattom (Total – 70 Nos). Separate accommodation facility (4 double bed air-conditioned rooms) for the faculties is available in the same hostel compound. A well equipped Health Club is a part of PETARC Hostel. Mess facility (Vegetarian and Non – Vegetarian) for the trainees is also available in the Hostel.


PETARC has got an air conditioned Library. A total number of 1185 books are available in different categories such as Technical, Management and law.

Conveyance facility

PETARC has got one vehicle.

  1. Car Indigo CS LX Dicor

Model Room & Model Park  

A Model room is situated at Moolamattom Junction. One Generator (5 MW) from Pallivasal Power House is exhibited there.

A Model Park of old power house equipments is attached to PETARC Moolamattom, aiming at a close acquaintance of the trainees with power equipments and to become familiarize and acquire more knowledge on its working principle. Dismantled Power House equipments such as old Turbine parts, old type PT, CT, ABCB etc. from Moozhiyar Power House are exhibited in the Model Park..